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How COVID-19 is Impacting the World of Corporate Training



How COVID-19 is Impacting the World of Corporate Training

It will come as no surprise that COVID-19 has impacted every area of our lives. Industries across the globe are learning how to transition to managing remote employees, facilitating virtual team meetings, and keeping their employees engaged in this new landscape. But what about annual corporate training? How will this impact quarterly seminars, professional development programs, continuing education units, and new employee orientation? Many of these programs have been conducted in a face-to-face setup until now. With COVID-19 at the forefront of all our decisions, companies are having to consider how to transition to eLearning resources and virtual instructor-led training in order to accommodate the ever-changing world in which we live.

How will corporate America transition to new training demands?

You may be wondering: How will corporate America respond to COVID-19 in terms of training and corporate learning? Although it’s sometimes hard to admit, change isn’t always bad! It doesn’t have to be a negative thing for your business. After all, America has been built on new innovations and ideas over the decades, right? Though COVID-19 has brought on new struggles and difficult trials in many ways, it also presents the opportunity for companies to take advantage of doing things in a new - and perhaps even more efficient - manner, in order to adapt to our current environment.

Is eLearning a good idea for my business?

Many business owners are concerned about using eLearning resources and virtual instructor-led training in fear of it not working well for their company. However, companies from all around the globe are continuing to reap the benefits of transitioning from traditional learning to virtual. Because virtual training options are customizable and flexible to meet your company’s unique needs, it’s a good idea for any industry.

What virtual options do companies have for training?

When it comes to the capabilities of eLearning, the sky’s the limit. Because every business is unique, eLearning can often be adaptable to your company’s needs. From college classrooms to corporate training, students and employees have the opportunity to take advantage of eLearning courseware in a variety of ways, including:

eLearning Resources

eLearning resources are helpful for companies who are looking to provide employees with self-paced training that can be accessed from anywhere online. Individuals can simply log on to the instructed platform and complete course materials from there.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Unlike eLearning, virtual instructor-led training allows individuals to log on from anywhere and interact with an instructor and the program. VILT’s goal is to replicate what you may find in a traditional classroom or training session by giving participants the opportunity to discuss topics and collaborate with others.

What are the benefits of going virtual?

Are there benefits in your business going virtual? The answer is an astounding yes! When done correctly, virtual training can be even more effective than traditional learning. Before COVID-19, eLearning resources and virtual training assets were gaining popularity. However, the demand for these programs have sky-rocketed thanks to corporate leadership working to provide employees with effective and ongoing training options amid the global pandemic.

Virtual training is affordable.

COVID-19 has taken a financial toll on many companies across the globe. Leaders are looking for ways to cut costs in every area possible. Oftentimes, companies think new technology means more money. However, virtual training actually tends to be less expensive than traditional training. That’s right, this innovative way of training employees can actually save you money! Virtual training solutions eliminate the need for classroom costs, traveling fees, speaker/coach payments and more. Instead, you can simply provide your employees access to training online.

Virtual training provides flexibility.

It will come as no surprise that virtual training is immensely more flexible than traditional training. Traditional training forces a large portion of your employees to stop production for multiple days. However, virtual training gives your employees the freedom to meet training goals anywhere at any time. COVID-19 has required many companies to pause annual training, because employees are having to work from home. Virtual training is an affordable and flexible solution. Because eLearning training can include gamification and other immersive and fun activities, employees tend to complete training after work hours. In the long run, this will help streamline production time and training.

Virtual training allows you to measure success.

In the past, traditional training hasn’t given companies a wide range of ways to measure success and meet goals. eLearning resources and virtual instructor-led training help measure success through completion rates, training progress, collaboration with teammates and on-the-job performance checks. These virtual resources also give your company options to survey employees for training follow-up sessions.

Virtual training is customizable.

Now more than ever, companies are looking for customizable solutions to provide their employees with appropriate and successful training methods. Luckily, eLearning resources and virtual instructor-led training can be tailored to meet the needs of every individual company and department. From front-line employees to management teams, vILT is customizable for your company’s needs.

Virtual training offers a unique learning experience.

Oftentimes, traditional training methods do not provide employees with the information and practice they need to apply their new skills in day-to-day activities. Virtual training not only helps employees attain beneficial information, but also provides them with practical ways to apply what they’ve learned. These immersive learning experiences can include real-world scenarios, role playing, and real time collaboration.

Virtual Training at Flocktuit

If your business is looking for a creative way to instill productivity into corporate training, now is the time to get started. Our team can help you create your very own virtual training resources. Don’t wait! Contact us today to get started.

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